When Infertility Strikes…

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No one imagines that they will one day be dealt the hand of infertility. The majority of us grow up assuming that we will have a family with no issues, but this isn’t always the case. Just like most, I got married and we had our first child relatively easy and we weren’t even trying.

When she turned about 3 years old, we decided to try for another baby, only to find out that we needed to do IVF to expand our family. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, at that time my husband and I were living off of one income and he was making a whopping $2400/mo on a good month.

Depression soon followed because we could NOT afford to pay $12,000 for IVF and we had student loan debt, so we didn’t want to pile on more loans in hopes of maybe being able to have a baby. It took us another 4 years to finally get to a place where we were able to afford IVF, but due to a series of events we decided not to move forward with the fertility treatments.

Faithfully Fertile Foundation was started to help people like us. Those who want to start a family or grow their family, but are suffering from infertility and can’t afford to pay for the treatments.

Here are 5 tips to help those of you who have been struck with the hard blow of being told that you need fertility treatments that can help you to better afford them.

  1. Look into affordable IVF clinics. CNY fertility in NY, Effortless IVF in TX, and NCCRM in NC are a few good places to start.
  2. Try getting a job at Starbucks. Starbucks helps their employees to pay for IVF cycles after working for a certain number of months. While it may be inconvenient to get a part-time job, it does make things way more affordable.
  3. Apply for grants. Faithfully Fertile Foundation and lots of other organizations offer grants to help people to pay for fertility treatments and medication. Research these grants and learn about when you can apply for them.
  4. Start a crowd sharing or a gofundme page. This one is pretty self explanatory. My husband and I never did this due to issues with pride, but please don’t be like us. Learn from our mistakes and let people know what is happening so that they can help.
  5. Try IVF overseas. There are programs that help people to get affordable treatments in other countries. A quick google search can help you with this, but please be careful and do your research before trying any of these programs. Make sure that the program is a legitimate program and that their doctors are certified and licensed to carry out these procedures.

For more tips and encouragement visit www.faithfullyfertilefoundation.com and if you feel led to please donate so that we can help families to make their dreams of becoming parents a reality.

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