Let’s Change the World

Infertility was both a loss and a gain. I lost my ability to reproduce, but I gained the courage to change the world. ~Dr. Sierra Bizzell

I spent my entire 20’s trying to have a second baby.  I began this journey at 26 years old.

I was timid, but determined to overcome secondary infertility. The battle was hard. It was filled with tears and paved with sorrow but the lessons that I learned along the way were invaluable.

I went from a scared young girl to an empowered woman who is taking infertility by the neck and crushing it every chance I get.

1 in 8 couples deals with infertility in the US, but 1 in 4 are unable to conceive world wide. The heartache that these couples feel each month is real and we want you to know that you are not alone.

Faithfully Fertile Foundation was started by myself and my husband, to offer hope to those that need assistance starting their families through non-traditional methods.  We’ve been there and we know what it feels like to have gone through infertility, loss, and adoption.

It is our desire to use the lessons that we have learned to inspire the world and change the way that people see infertility.

We aim to inspire and inform to those of you who are still waiting, but we also want to give back by sharing stories of hope so that you can see that there is joy on the other side.

If you would like to help with this mission, please donate to our grant fund and help make parenthood a reality for those who’s dreams of parenthood are being held up due to their inability to afford fertility treatments.

Let’s change the world together by helping one couple at a time to realize their dreams.

~Dr. Bizzell

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