Faithfully Fertile Foundation offers the following programs:

Fertility 101

Fertility 101 educates families on the difficulties of infertility and how to navigate through the process of fertility treatments. We offer guidance and resources to couples who are having trouble conceiving. Our programs bring awareness to the types of infertility, discuss treatment options through information sessions, helps couples to find money or use their insurance to get the help that they need, and offers support groups to assist couples in coping in the event that they do not become pregnant or suffer a loss.

Some topics include:

  • What is infertility?
  • Not pregnant again: What to do after diagnosis?
  • Finding the Money- Ways to Raise Money for Treatments
  • Providers Matter: How to Choose a Fertility Doctor
  • Matters of the Mind: Mental Health and Infertility

Insta Parent

Insta Parent began as a result of the experience that many foster and adoptive parents have.  It is common to go from having no children or one child in the home, to 3 or 4 within days or months.  This program aims to prepare those who are looking to adopt or foster for parenthood through education and training.

Some topics include:

  • Foster care vs domestic adoption
  • How to become a foster parent?
  • The Call: What to do after getting your first placement
  • Tough Situations: Dealing with failed adoptions, placement removal, and taking on multiple or difficult placements.
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant Care
  • Support- Who can I call when there is an issue?
  • Parenting children with trauma

*Faithfully Fertile Foundation is committed to raising awareness about reproductive justice issues and we are looking forward to offering programs and outreach efforts centered around Black Maternal Health and the reproductive health of Black people soon!  

Support Groups

Support groups will be held monthly for those that are dealing with infertility and adoption.
Please contact us for more information on dates and locations.

Grant Applications

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