Meet the Directors

Faithfully Fertile Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, that provides education, resources, infertility awareness, and financial assistance to those who want to grow their families through fertility treatments or adoption.

Odell Bizzell II
Dr. Sierra Bizzell

This foundation was birthed out of the struggles that Dr. Sierra Bizzell and her husband, Odell faced due to secondary infertility. With no money and little hope, they did their best to find a way to continue to expand their own family for years to no avail. They became foster parents and adopted two children in 2016. As they began to climb the ladder of financial success, they realized that there were so many other couples out there who wanted to start families, but couldn’t afford to and they knew that they had to help. It is their hope to bring joy to the hearts of others by assisting them in making their journey to parenthood easier.

Meet The Board

Mary Cato

Shamala Matthews-Connor

Deirdre Brown

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