1 in 6 couples trying to conceive will have some sort of fertility challenges when attempting to conceive. With the average cost of fertility treatments being $12,000 and it taking roughly 6 or more cycles for couples to conceive, there is a need for some sort of assistance. The average household income is currently $56,516 per year. If a couple has to try IVF 6 times before getting pregnant, the cost is well over that in which that person makes in an entire year.

If the couple decides to try to adopt domestically, then they may incur more expenses with the average cost of adoption being $43,000.  If adoption fails, the couple must start over and pay more money in hopes of being able to start their family. Since there is little to no financial assistance offered to couples who want to start their families in nontraditional ways, we want to help people to be able to reach their dreams of becoming parents by providing them with grants.

Our Mission

Faithfully Fertile Foundation instills hope and faith in families struggling with infertility by providing guidance through educational resources, infertility awareness, and financial assistance to grow their families through fertility treatments or adoption. 

We rely solely on the donations of others to assist couples with infertility and raise awareness about adoption.  We are actively seeking sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help further our cause.  

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